High Efficiency

Owens Corning Comfort Built

Thackery Custom Homes has a strong focus on creating a great efficient home. Utilizing products like Owens Corning for your insulation system is a great way to reduce your home’s annual energy output, while staying and keeping your home completely comfortable. Owens Corning products can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills up to 33 percent. Thackery Custom Homes has partnered with Owens Corning products and the Building Scientist at Owens Corning to deliver one of the most high performance homes available today. By using the Owens Corning products, we help your home have the best possible seal against the outside world, reducing air infiltration by up to 70%. When air is leaking into your home or escaping your home, your energy bill naturally goes up, but also you are overworking your HVAC system, allowing allergens and pests easier access to your home.

Thackery Custom Homes stands by Owens Corning and their products. When planning and budgeting for your new home to be built, just like your windows and doors, choosing the best insulating system will save you money and peace of mind for years to come.

Energy Star Builder

Energy Star is a government-based platform and initiative that awards companies for their services and products that help lessen the impact of energy consumption. Energy Star is also involved in research and impact across all spectrums on energy savings and consumption. You can learn more about Energy Star and their programs here.

What does Energy Star mean to you and your home?

Thackery Custom Homes recommends and utilizes Energy Start rated products, vendors, and their products every chance we can. We do recognize that our customers make the final decisions on products and services they choose.

We specialize in High Performance Homes and following Energy Star's guidelines is a big part of it.

Homes that are designed with efficiency and energy savings in mind reduce long term costs for our customers. Ensuring our homes are sealed, covered, and built with the best products alleviates unforeseen costs in the future.

Overworked HVAC units is a perfect example of a home that isn't sealed properly. Good decisions now on your doors, windows, and roofing system will ensure that your home not only runs more efficiently, but saves you money monthly on your energy bill and reduces the chance of your air system failing or needing repair before it should.

We will cover all of our Energy Star methods and Vendor options with you. Being informed and knowing what to prevent and why is what separates Thackery Custom Homes in North Texas from the competition.

Indoor airPLUS (Indoor Air Quality – Allergy & Asthma Sensitive Homes)

Thackery Custom Homes offers homes that follow all of the EPA regulations and guidelines when it comes to having a home inline with Indoor airPLUS. Indoor air quality is extremely import to your health. We take pride in the fact that our customers will breath freely and have exceptional air quality for years to come in their custom North Texas homes.

Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve the quality of indoor air by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants. Clean air is good for everyone’s health, but it can be especially important to those that have chronic respiratory conditions.

EPA created Indoor airPLUS to help builders meet the growing consumer preference for homes with improved indoor air quality. Indoor airPLUS builds on the foundation of EPA's ENERGY STAR requirements for new homes, and offers additional construction specifications to provide comprehensive indoor air quality protections in new homes.

Construction specifications include the careful selection and installation of:

  • moisture control systems
  • heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems
  • combustion-venting systems
  • radon resistant construction
  • low-emitting building materials

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