High Performance

Thackery Custom Homes specializes in building high performing homes in North Texas.

Understanding what a truly high performing home is and what it means is essential to having a long lasting, efficient, and comfortable operating home.

Starting with the basics and taking in consideration where your home is being built, the elevation of your home, natural breeze conditions, surrounding landscape, and annual average weather conditions is very important. We also take into consideration building out deeper patios and porches to alleviate direct sun light.

Other examples of High Performing Homes can and may included the use of recycled materials, advanced framing techniques, and top performing roofing materials. Below you can find our top recommendations on what it means to build and live in a high performing home. Our company thrives on understanding and implementing today’s latest technologies, and we demand the same from any and all vendors we use.

Top Recommendations for a High Performing Home

  • Selecting quality windows and sheathing. Our first recommendation is to never cut costs on the windows or the exterior sheathing you choose. We ensure that the windows have an air tight seal allowing zero weather in the home or air out. We tape all the sheathing joints and install air barriers on the outside walls and interior top plates. Our homes far exceed any production home being built today.  We do extensive testing during construction to make sure your home is built “tight.” This means employing a blower door test and using science behind it. Thackery Custom Homes builds homes that are properly sealed and don’t leak air or moisture into the exterior wall cavity, and we don’t need foam encapsulation to do so. This is the most common mistake a majority of the area homebuilders make.

  • Choosing the right HVAC system. The second recommendation that generates significant savings is choosing the right HVAC system to install in the home. We take every measure into consideration before making our recommendation. All too often, builders choose one of the largest units to ensure the temperatures for their customers stays cool enough or hot enough all while the customer pays a significant amount more than needed monthly than if the correct system was installed. We look at the direction of the home, the amount of natural light coming into the home, and the proper placement of each vent to maximize the ability of the system we will be recommending.

    Just like with windows and doors, without ensuring your ductwork is properly sealed, you are allowing outside air in and losing cool or hot air in your home. This leads to overworked systems and higher than normal bills.
  • Prewiring your home for existing and future technologies. Our third recommendation is prewiring your home. Even if you are convinced you will not use certain technologies in your home, we still highly recommend this practice. Prices have dropped on technology, and it has gotten easier to install; plus you never know when an unexpected need will arise. Prewires can and should include proper cabling, phone lines, Ethernet/USB, Alarm Controls, and advanced controls for remote usage, such as opening and closing of garage doors and turning on and off lights, sprinkler systems, and alarms.

Contact us today to learn about all your options for a high performance new construction in North Texas.